About Big Madre Tacos and Tortas

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is a convenience store kitchen near you that aims to serve the best tacos and tortas in Houston and southwest Texas. Big Madre cooks up scrumptious breakfast tacos, bowls, tortas, and burritos, quesadillas, tamales and cinnamon sugar bunuelos. All of the ingredients are fresh, and our abundant menu items are prepared hot and ready for your satisfying breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is an authentic Mexican food brand developed and licensed by the Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc. (GHRA). With 38 locations across Greater Houston and southeast Texas, and several more scheduled to open soon, Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is committed to consistently serving customers excellent quality at every stop – “just the way you like it.”  The Big Madre team focuses on providing convenience with care so that customers experience friendly, fresh, fast, affordable, homestyle Mexican cuisine and exceptional dining experiences.

Are you hungry yet?

Experience the best tacos at an affordable price at Big Madre Tacos y Tortas.  Big Madre is proud to provide delicious fast and fresh tacos and freshly made tortas to go. Our experienced chefs use only the freshest ingredients to ensure each bite is bursting with homestyle flavor that you can enjoy anywhere. From mouthwatering tacos to flavorful tortas, enjoying a taste of Mexico has never been more convenient. 

Born out of a mother’s love for cooking, Big Madre Tacos y Tortas focuses on family and tradition. Every recipe, from the marinades to the salsas, beans and rice, and the handmade flour tortillas, was honed over decades by GHRA’s chef, “Captain” Glenn Cates. An executive chef with some 50 years of experience, Cates learned from the very best — his madre!

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas’ made-to-order menu includes a wide assortment of tacos, burritos, bowls, tortas, and quesadillas. Homestyle tortillas are pressed and cooked right in front of guests. Protein options include grilled carne guisada, slow-cooked carnitas, and specially marinated chicken and beef fajitas. The Big Madre Tacos y Tortas team strives to provide a friendly, fresh, affordable, and convenient customer experience every day. Visit us today and explore our menu for the best tacos, quesadillas, Mexican tortas, burritos, tamales, taco bowls, breakfast tacos, and sweet cinnamon sugar bunuelo treats in the Houston area!


Big Ideas
Big Madre Was Born

We had a idea to create a food service program for our members. We believed an Authentic Mexican food offering would benefit the consumer and our members best. We spent the entire year perfecting our authentic Mexican food recipes and menu. Our goal was to create something that would blow the consumer away with quality. We did just that. From our proprietary recipe salsa’s to our angus beef fajita tacos.

First Store
Brand Launch

Opened first location at Piney Woods Mart October 2018, added 2nd location December 2018.

10 Locations

Opened 8 more locations, Created a website for Big Madre Tacos y Tortas, Began a quarterly marketing campaign for the consumer. 2fers for a discounted price.

18 Locations

Opened 9 more locations.

21 Locations

Opened 3 more Big Madre locations.

26 Locations

Opened 5 more Big Madre locations

38 Locations

38 Big Madre Tacos y Tortas locations are open at yearend with several more expected to open in 2024. Our location footprint now extends throughout the Houston Metropolitan area as well as to suburbs of Austin and Dallas.